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About Ya Doctory

Ya Doctory is a home healthcare provider based in Egypt.

We provide all your hospital healthcare services with a team of highly skilled Doctors, Physiotherapy professionals, Dentists, Nursing specialists, and Nurse Assistants in addition to all kind of medical equipment and a variety of other health care services.
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It was proven in studies that patients recover faster at home.
That’s how we’ve got the idea of home healthcare services.
Ya Doctory provide trusted in-home Doctors, Physiotherapy professionals, Nursing specialists, and Trained Attendants for your unique medical needs, all at your place of convenience.
Our responsibility is to deliver an affordable hospital-quality healthcare service to your home.

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Our Services

Doctor Consultation

Our team of carefully-selected doctors is available 24/7 to assess, diagnose, and treat depending on your needs.


A nurse is a medical professional responsible for medical procedures, safety and recovery of patients from acute and chronic health issues. An in-home nurse is all that and more, in that he or she cares for you in your home, integrating him or herself into your family.


Whether it’s a lingering back pain, a frozen shoulder, or a sports injury that you’re looking to recover from, you can now get treated in the comfort of your home, by certified, specialised and experienced physiotherapists

Medical Equipment

Nothing is better for recovery than the comfort of home.Our exhaustive range of respiratory devices like advanced homecare ventilators, BiPAP, CPAP, oxygen concentrator, pulse oximeter, nebulizer, suction apparatus etc. help people during need towards regaining well-being and good health. Yadoctory provides the entire range of equipment required for an “ICU setup at Home” making you feel at home.

Lab Tests & Imagery​

Be it for prescribed diagnostics or regular health checkup, ya doctory can help you with both. By using yadoctory’s at-home lab service, you can get lab samples collected at your doorstep and receive test reports via email or on the application

Care + Packages

Yadoctory Care+ packages are ideal for all those who are looking for high-quality, holistic healthcare support at home.


Get vaccinated at home and stay safe from infectious diseases. We provide vaccination for H1N1, Typhoid, Pneumonia, Hepatitis and more by qualified nurses at home.


Do you find it difficult to concentrate on your job? Does the world around you feel overwhelming? Are you finding it difficult to take care of your family, baby and career all at the same time? If yes, don’t feel low. Instead talk to us and feel better.

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