Doctor Consultation

Our team of carefully-selected doctors is available 24/7 to assess, diagnose, and treat depending on your needs.

General Practitioners Are There To Help In Case Of:

  • General Health Checkup.
  • Seasonal Fever.
  • Acute Diseases.
  • Chronic Illness And Worse Consultation To Treatment.
  • Diabetic Care.
  • Ortho Care.
  • Post Hospitalization Cardiac Care, Neuro Care.

Pediatricians Are There To Treat Your Child In Case Of:

  • Minor Illnesses.
  • Growth And Development Concerns.
  • Weight Of Faltering.
  • Acute Severe Illness.
  • Acute And Chronic Fever.
  • Respiratory Problems.
  • Fits, Faints, Diarrhea, And Headaches.
  • Many Other Specialties Are Available On Request.